These are most of the books that I have read since March of 2019 when I got my Kindle. This page is supposed to be a backup/replacement of my Goodreads profile.

For some books, I decided not to review & rate them publicly here but I still add them manually without a review so the book count is still correct.

Reading stats

Total books: 61
Average rating: 3.82



Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death
Caitlin Doughty (2019)

Another non-fiction book! Fairly short book by a mortician that answers weird questions asked by kids about death in a fun way. Despite the obviously pretty morbid & depressing topic the book is overall very light-hearted and fun.

There were definitely some very interesting bits of information in this book and I’d overall recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

Finished: 3 April 2022

The Old Man and the Sea
Ernest Hemingway (1952)

My first book by Ernest Hemingway. Overall I thought it was okay, definitely a fairly slow read - not necessarily boring but the roughly 80-90 pages felt longer than they actually were.

The story is about an old man and his struggle while trying to catch & bring back home a big Marlin fish. It talks about his endurance, his stoicism and eventually the futility of his effort. I liked the parts that show his relationship with the boy that takes care of him.

Hemingway’s writing style was actually pretty unremarkable for me reading it in 2022, but apparently it was pretty new and different back in the 1950s.

All in all, not blown away but I also don’t regret reading it either.

Finished: 14 March 2022

The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time, #3)
Robert Jordan (1991)

Finally done with the third book in the Wheel Of Time series! This one actually took me quite a long time - I started reading it on November 7th of last year. Especially in the first second quarter of the book it got kind of slow in my opinion which made me take several breaks and read other short books in the meantime.

This is the first book so far that actually wasn’t focused primarily on Rand. The focus is mostly on Perrin + Thom (who is back again, wohoo) and Egwene + Nynaeve + Elayne. And we are introduced to a new character called Faile/Zarine, really liked her!

All in all I liked the book, my main criticism would be (as with the first book) the ending. We get around 700 pages of build-up and then the ending felt rushed again. I’m looking forward to the next one, apparently that one is one of the best in the series (not “The Dragon Reborn” as I assumed first, I mixed them up). But it’s over 1000 pages so it will take me quite a while :D

Finished: 12 March 2022

Brief Answers to the Big Questions
Stephen Hawking (2018)

Here’s another non-fiction book. This book is a collection of questions mostly about space, the future and technology that Stephen Hawking answers in pretty short chapters. Some questions/answers give insight to his own experiences in his life, both about his work and his personal struggle with his disability, some are about his expectations about the future, for example the impact of the advancement of A.I on humanity.

I expected this book to be drier than it actually was - although some of his answers went into pretty heavy scientific topics, he still managed to explain them in an understandable and often very humorous way.

I also found the afterword by his daughter Lucy, written after Stephen’s death, very touching, it was a great end to a cool book! Overall I think it was extremely interesting and I would definitely recommend it!

Finished: 22 February 2022

Osamu Dazai (1939)

This was very short and pretty weird book. It’s mostly just the thoughts and ramblings of a girl that is frustrated and looking for her purpose in life. I find it pretty hard to describe the book because there’s not really a storyline, the main character is just reflecting on her current situation and her life & goals in general.

The book is definitely unique but overall I wasn’t blown away a bit.

Finished: 29 January 2022