The Wheel of Time - status update
29 July 2023  •  2 min to read

I started reading The Wheel of Time in June 2021. Since then I’ve been on the journey of going through this book series - so here is a short status update on my current progress.

It is almost the end of July 2023, and I’m just about to start with the 11th book of the series - “Knife of Dreams”. As expected, finishing the series is taking quite some time. I just finished the prequel book “New Spring” a week ago and now I’m down to the last four books.

When starting out I was constantly reading other books on the side too - in 2021 when I started, only 2 out of the 17 books I read were WoT books, in 2022 it was 5 out of 13 books. But I noticed that doing it this way would just take too much time in general and so in the second half of 2022 I decided to fully focus on finishing the series and read these books exclusively.

While I’ve been enjoying the series so far, there definitely have been certain books that felt quite slow and dragged on a bit too long for my taste, especially the 10th book - “Crossroads of Twilight” was one that just took me quite long to finish, especially when considering that it’s actually one of the shorter books.

Now that I read “New Spring” - which was actually pretty nice and a welcome break from the main story - I’m really looking forward to the last 4 books. When looking at some of the ratings on Goodreads (even though those can be hit or miss), they should be pretty great (even though all of them are still chonkers).

Don’t get me wrong, I think The Wheel of Time has been enjoyable so far, but I am really looking forward finally being done with it and reading some other stuff again. I think I want to focus on shorter books and try to read wide - different authors, genres & just generally try to explore a bigger variety of topics. I want to go through more of the classics but also read some contemporary books & more non-fiction.

My To-Read list is pretty big now (just checked, 297 books at least) so I’m ready to tackle that, hopefully soon.

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