Trying out Obsidian
12 May 2022  •  2 min to read

I’ve been interested in personal knowledge base systems recently. After reading about several different ones, I’ve decided to give Obsidian a shot & try moving all my existing notes there & set up an Obsidian vault from scratch.

Obsidian is a personal knowledge base that is based on markdown files. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to give it a shot. While the software itself isn’t open source, it at least doesn’t use a proprietary format that would keep me locked into their system if they ever decide to give up development on the app.

The whole idea of Obsidian is to create links between notes in order to connect them by topic - this can then also be shown in a pretty fancy graph.

From playing around with it a bit yesterday & today, I’m pretty impressed so far. It has a couple nice plugins + support for community plugins - for example I already have one installed for Git integration which lets me comfortably back up this whole vault to a private GitHub repository.

I’m still deciding how to set it up in general & I want to make sure to only add notes & content that are actually still relevant to me now. I could probably also use Obsidian as my main way to write the content for this website - Hugo also uses Markdown files for the main content. So I could basically mirror everything on here & just publish the content that I’d actually want to be publicly accessible.

I’m curious if I’ll actually stick to it and continue using it. I really like the idea of having all my notes in one place.

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