Reviving this blog
22 May 2023  •  3 min to read

I haven’t been active on this blog for more than 8 months. I’m trying to change that now, so here are some ideas on what direction I want to take this blog in the future and what kind of content I want to focus on.

So far this blog has been mostly (with some smaller exceptions) been focused on tech & programming related content.

I’ve decided that I am going to try to write about a wider range of topics - especially when considering that in the last couple of months - due to not having a project I’m really interested in - I haven’t been writing a lot of code in my free time anyway so that’s not where my focus currently is. And I also just want to make it a habit to write more in general, especially longer posts and stay consistent with it.

Some ideas for future content are:

Overall I just don’t want to feel limited about what I’m putting on here - I will however most likely go through some of the stuff I’ve already posted here (especially things like notes) and decide if I still really need that on this website instead of just moving them over to my Obsidian vault where I keep pretty much everything else that is text-based but not actual code.

I have quite a lot of different interests & hobbies and this blog could be a nice way of sharing what I’m currently interested in.

There are also some areas on this website that need general improvement or just a bit of tinkering. I need to add some book reviews for books I’ve read since the middle of last year & I’ve been also thinking of maybe trying out some sort of micro blog where I post small updates of what I’m up to every now and then. Maybe this could replace the “now” page that I’m currently using.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the blogs/websites from this webring and have been getting a lot of inspiration for stuff I might want to add to this site. Since I don’t have any other real programming pet projects (other than continuing learning Rust occasionally), at least I can improve some stuff on here - hopefully somewhat regularly.

This is a random thought, but I’ve also decided to try to keep my GitHub commits low on weekends - or at least try to avoid doing too much on the computer on weekends and if I still do something - I want to at least try focusing on non-software dev related topics. At least on weekends. I’m already looking at a screen for 8+ hours a day at work & pretty much every weekday evening as well. So maybe restricting myself (when it comes to programming) to only Monday to Friday could be an option.

Obviously this is not a hard rule - just a general intention.

So yeah, I’m basically just rambling now but I’ll try to actually stick to updating this blog more regularly!

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