28 April 2022  •  1 min to read

I changed the domain for this website! It can now be reached at Previously it was my full name + “.com” but I decided to change it because I feel more comfortable sharing this domain on various sites without having to actually reveal my full name.

17 April 2022  •  1 min to read

I can now easily create notes & pages that don’t really fit into any of the other categories on this website! For now, I’ve added a page for programming projects ideas, new usecases for my Raspberry Pi and ideas for new content for this website!

25 March 2022  •  1 min to read

Now that my old Raspberry Pi isn’t used anymore as a 24/7 torrent box for my … Linux ISOs, here are some ideas about what I could use for now.

24 March 2022  •  3 min to read

A quick summary of how I managed to set the currently active menu item bold on this website. My solution is a bit hacky but it works.

2 March 2022  •  2 min to read

I’ve been struggling to find a programming side project that I am really passionate about. In the last couple of weeks my main two projects have been this website & learning Rust. I did finish my little Rust project that plays a sound to wake up my studio monitor speakers, but apart from that I just keep abandoning all the side projects I start.