One last Neovim experiment
9 June 2023  •  2 min to read

After playing around with multiple editors over the last couple of years and eventually settling on Helix, I’m giving Neovim one last try using NvChad.

I’ve been using Helix as my main editor for quite a while now and have been following the updates to it pretty closely. Once I’ve learned enough Rust, I will maybe even try contributing to the project myself.

Helix has become very comfortable to use for me now - especially in combination with Zellij, and I’ve become quite fast when it comes to modal editing. The one thing that is currently still making me even consider other editors is the lack of a plugin system. While I understand the reasons why the main people behind Helix haven’t added one yet, it simply means that Helix still lacks a lot of features that other editors don’t.

This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, Helix already offers a lot out of the box that a default Neovim installation doesn’t have - but I’ve decided to try out Neovim - specifically the NvChad config - one more time and check if I can make it work in a way that feels comfortable to use without getting overwhelmed with configuration difficulties.

I’ll probably write a post here with some updates in a couple of days!

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