Focusing on Go
6 October 2023  •  1 min to read

After messing around with Rust for quite a while, I’ve decided to put that on hold for the near future at least & shift my focus (back) to learning Go.

Even though I spent quite a lot of time trying to get comfortable in Rust, it has just been taking forever to get even remotely productive with it. Over the last couple of months I haven’t really touched Rust at all & I’ve just in general kind of lost the motivation for it (for now).

However, I’ve been playing around with Go recently and it think I want to give another shot - I’ve tried it already a couple years ago. Supposedly the learning curve isn’t steep with Go & I already have a couple ideas for things I might use it for. I’m just starting out with a little pet project that I can use as a practice project while learning - hugo-helper, which is supposed to be a little CLI tool that will help me automate some common tasks for this blog.

I’m also reading Learning Go by Jon Bodner and going through the examples in Go by Example to get a better overview of the language in general.

Overall I’m pretty excited to explore Go more :)

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