Downgrading Neovim to a simple text editor again
29 September 2023  •  4 min to read

Why I’ve decided to give up on trying to use Neovim as my main IDE and how I’m planning to use it in the future instead.

I now haven’t worked on any pet projects as far as programming is concerned since early August - as you can see my commit graph on GitHub has been pretty empty recently.

Commit graph

In part, this is due to the fact that over the summer I’m generally spending less time in front of the computer, but mainly it’s that I’ve just lost motivation to work on anything after getting a bit burnt out on trying to get a nicely working Neovim setup for Rust, Go & C# programming.

Especially the latter has been a pain to set up and at some point I noticed that I’m spending more time messing with my editor than actually writing code and improving my programming skills - so I just grew tired of it and stopped working on anything at all for several weeks.

LazyVim has been pretty great and while I was able to get most of the stuff that I needed to work up to like 80% or so, there were little things here and there that I couldn’t make work the way I wanted to. While I enjoy tinkering to a certain extent, at some point it just started to feel like I was spending too much time to achieve things in Neovim that I would get out of the box with other editors (Debugging being one of the bigger examples). I understand that other’s might have other usecases and needs and that Neovim might be a perfect fit for them, but I can now say that I’ve given Neovim (and Emacs previously) an honest shot, but for an actual IDE, it is just not for me.

So I’ve made the decision to give up on trying to use Neovim as my main IDE - I’ll be going back to VSCode - but instead I’m going to set it up to be just a fast & comfortable to use text editor, not specifically for writing code.

Things I loved about Neovim

I’m not going to stop using Neovim - there are a lot of things about it that I love and I’m definitely planning to keep using.

What I want to use Neovim for

What I want to use VSCode for

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