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2 March 2022  •  2 min to read

I’ve been struggling to find a programming side project that I am really passionate about. In the last couple of weeks my main two projects have been this website & learning Rust. I did finish my little Rust project that plays a sound to wake up my studio monitor speakers, but apart from that I just keep abandoning all the side projects I start.

Today I started playing around with a C#/ASP.NET project to solve a Knight’s tour problem. Maybe I’ll keep working on that in order to get a better understanding of ASP.NET because we also use this framework at work. Some ideas for the functionality that I’d like to implement would be:

But to be quite honest I’m not even sure if ASP.Net is a good choice for something like this. I’ll just try it out. There are apparently several ways to solve the Knight’s tour problem with code, some are brute-force, there’s a divide-and-conquer algorithm and some fancier stuff with neural networks. I’ll probably try out the divide-and-conquer method or the Warnsdorff’s rule.

Or most likely I’ll just forget about this project and abandon it eventually :D

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