3 July 2023  •  2 min to read

I just set up a second site that I’m planning to use for random programming projects. It runs on Blazor and can be found at

As I’ve already written before, I’ve been struggling to find a programming project to work on regularly. So I thought instead of starting random projects and abandoning them after a while, I could try and build a setup that will allow me to try out smaller projects and display them nicely somewhere public.

I’ve decided to build a site with Blazor - I’ve wanted to play around with that anyways and it allows me to use C# (I’ve been trying to use C# for private projects as well, not only for work). And hopefully I’ll be able to set it up in a way that will make it comfortable to showcase some other small projects on there.

I need to clean up a lot of the boilerplate code that was added with the default Blazor setup and just overall learn more about Blazor and then, as a start, I’ll move all the projects from over there so I can kind of separate this blog from programming topics - I’ve been meaning to do that anyways.

All in all, I’m curious how it will work out and what I’ll be able to build!

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