Changed my domain
28 April 2022  •  1 min to read

I changed the domain for this website! It can now be reached at Previously it was my full name + “.com” but I decided to change it because I feel more comfortable sharing this domain on various sites without having to actually reveal my full name.

However, my old domain still works & now just redirects to this new one - I think I’ll keep paying for it just so that nobody else can steal it from me :D And it’s also nice to have a fairly professional looking email address that I can use this way.

The setup itself was a breeze, I was able to basically just copy the settings from my old domain and set them for the new one. So far everything works as expected.

A fun fact that I learned, when using a domain with the .dev top level domain, you apparently have to use https & a SSL certificate. But this was pretty easy to set up with my domain provider. All in all, I’m happy with the result!

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