9 September 2022  •  3 min to read

I finally got around to setting up a way to manage my dotfiles - using a Git bare repository. This blog post a tutorial for future reference in order to be able to replicate this setup on a different computer.

4 July 2022  •  4 min to read

Some thoughts on Digital Minimalism and my plans on how I am going to try to (hopefully) embrace this mindset a bit more in my personal life and be more mindful about my technology use.

24 June 2022  •  2 min to read

After trying out Doom Emacs late last year and giving up on it, I’ve decided to give it another try.

12 May 2022  •  2 min to read

I’ve been interested in personal knowledge base systems recently. After reading about several different ones, I’ve decided to give Obsidian a shot & try moving all my existing notes there & set up an Obsidian vault from scratch.

7 May 2022  •  4 min to read

So far this blog has been mostly just about updates on this website but kind of want to also write about other topics. So I thought I’d write a recap on my chess progress over the last year and how I’m planning to work on improving my chess in the future.